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Friendship Health and Rehab is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care possible for our residents. We are here to care and minister to their needs. The residents may appreciate the help they receive from us, but the fact is we are dependent on them. Without the residents, there would be no need for our services. Our facility is their home, and for many of the residents, the staff is their family.

Questions About Your Bill //

​​​​​Does your facility accept Medicaid? 

Yes. We have Medicaid certified beds that are available. Eligibility of Medicaid is determined by resources, income and medical necessity.

Would Medicare cover my stay at your facility?

Yes. However, you would need to have the following:

  • Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and have days left in your benefit period.

  • A qualifying hospital stay. This means an inpatient hospital stay of 3 consecutive days or more, starting with the day the hospital admits you as an inpatient, but not including the day you leave the hospital. You must enter the skilled nursing facility within 30 days of leaving the hospital.

  • Require skilled care on a daily basis. Skilled care is health care given when you need skilled or rehab staff to treat, manage, observe and evaluate your care. Examples of skilled care include physical, occupational and speech therapy at least 5 days per week;wound care; IV antibiotic therapy, etc.

If I meet the criteria for Medicare, what coverage am I reliable for?

You may be eligible up to 100 days of coverage under Medicare. The Medicare program will pay for the full cost of your 20 days in a skilled nursing facility. The next 80 days (days 21-100) you will be responsible for a daily rate of $170.50. This rate usually increases each year on January 1.

If you have a supplemental insurance plan and it has Skilled Nursing benefits, it will cover the daily co-insurance.

Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes. We accept private pay funds, most private insurances and long term care insurance

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